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marine mammals


Marine Mammals and Ecosystem Change

Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 14, at 7:00 pm at the Anacortes Public Library. Pacific Biodiversity Institute research scientist Aileen Jeffries will discuss the changing ecosystem of the Salish Sea and describe how these changes have affected marine mammals. She will also highlight the research being conducted, including the acoustic and land-based research she is undertaking on harbor porpoises.


In November, 2014, Aileen gave a presentation at the University of British Columbia's 22nd Annual B.C. Marine Mammal Symposium. You can read more about the university's Marine Mammal Research Unit and the cross-border consortium of researchers here.




BC marine mammal symposium



Awesome New Wildlife Camera Footage!

We are thrilled to share several short, exciting videos of wildlife in the area burned by the Carlton Complex wildfire in Washington State, as well as footage from South America taken with PBI wildlife cameras during our expeditions, or in partnership with ProYungas or the National University of Cordoba. Click here for South American footage, and here for the Washington videos.

gray wolf

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