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How many harbor porpoises live in the Salish Sea?

The Harbor Porpoise Project is part of an initiative to assess the health of the Salish Sea ecosystem through monitoring the population of this key species. Help us uncover why this species is returning to the Salish Sea, how we can best meet their habitat needs and how sentinel species can benefit human society. Learn more about this project here. Your donation will help:

  • $30 funds data cards that can be used for acoustic recording
  • $300 hosts one citizen scientist training session
  • $5,000 adds a C-POD to our acoustic monitoring network

How large are South America’s unprotected wildlands?

For our South America Wildlands Project, we’re studying the current status of wildlands on the entire South American continent, starting in Argentina and Chile. We are evaluating each area’s irreplaceability and vulnerability in order to prioritize the conservation opportunities that exist. For more information about this project, read about it here. Your donation will help:

  • $7 pays for a field notebook for a volunteer
  • $400 buys a camera that “geotags” each photograph we take
  • $1,000 helps cover expenses for a local biologist in Argentina

Where can the rare western gray squirrel still be found? Is it connected to healthy pine ecosystems?

Through the Western Gray Squirrel Project, PBI is helping the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to better understand the extent of western grey squirrel population in the Methow Valley. Citizen scientists are helping us ensure the survival of this imperiled resident of Washington’s ponderosa pine ecosystem. For more information about this project, read about it here. Your donation supports our fieldwork and supplies:

  • $25 pays for a gray squirrel hair sampling tube and accessories
  • $200 covers the travel expenses of an intern for a month
  • $1,000 enables us to keep an intern on the project

How do multiple ownership wildlands contribute to the biodiversity of Washington State?

PBI produced a landmark map and report on the status of Washington's wildlands in 1998. We have updated this work to reflect wildland status in 2012. Our analysis covers the entire landscape - because nature knows no borders. We are now sharing this valuable information with key decision-makers and conservation organizations. For more information about this project, read about it here. Your donation makes a difference:

  • $50 provides wall maps to a key decision-maker
  • $200 covers distributing 50 copies of "Wildlands of Washington State in the 21st Century"
  • $1,000 enables an intern to work on wildland and biodiversity outreach


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