Expeditions to Explore South American
Wildlands and Biodiversity

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  • Have you explored where nature's abundance flourishes like nowhere else on earth and biodiversity reaches its maximum expression?
  • Have you seen the wild heart of the planet?
  • Have you gazed on naked grandeur where there's nothing else to gaze on?

Well, here is your chance! You can join Pacific Biodiversity Institute on an expedition to explore and document South America's immense wildlands. We explore big wild areas, often over one million acres in size, which are very rare in today's world, but still exist in South America. The biodiversity of these areas is often 10 to 100 times higher than in similar areas in other parts of the world.

Into the Big Wild!

All of our expeditions are tied closely to our South American Wildlands and Biodiversity Project. The expeditions vary in their mission, scope and the degree of comfort and physical difficulty, however all expeditions have many of the same elements:

  • exploration of amazing places
  • participation in science and conservation
  • cultural-social connections
  • experience of the big wild
  • wildlife observation
  • birding
  • archeological sites


Volunteers are invited to join these research expeditions and help us to explore the tremendous biodiversity and beautiful landscapes of some of the largest wildland areas left on Earth. We are currently working to map, explore, document and work with conservation partners on protection measures for the vast remaining wildlands of South America.

GLORIA project team

Our expeditions offer a unique opportunity to explore unfragmented wildlands that are millions of acres in size. The landscape is vast, but our experience of it is intimate. You will be able to meet and get to know people who live near these wild areas and enjoy the rich culture of rural Argentina.

We visit some of the most magnificent places in South America, yet few people know about them. We're exploring lands well-off the tourist trail - wild and spectacular places full of wildlife, amazing botanical diversity and surprising archeological sites from Inca and pre-Inca cultures.  We interview local people about their use and perceptions of the surrounding wildlands. We take time to enjoy the local cuisine, wine and warm South American hospitality.

As a participant, you are contributing to our research effort and gathering valuable information, photos and videos that will be used to map and describe these areas in ways that will further their protection. Volunteers are invited to apply to any or all of our expeditions. Space is very limited. Read the left side bar on this page for current expedition dates. You will find a link to an expedition application at the bottom of each expedition page.


Learn more about the 2014 - 2015 expeditions

Reconnaissance expedition to Salta Province, Argentina to determine status of high biodiversity, unexplored wildlands. March 15-30, 2014

Sierras de Córdoba, Mar Chiquita and the Sierra de Famatina, Argentina, December 6-18, 2014

Flamingo Science Expedition to the Argentine Andes, Jan-Feb. 2015

Wildlife Science Expedition to the Argentine Andes, Mid-February, 2015

Wildlife Hotspots Expedition in Northwest Argentina, March 2015

Wildland Conservation Expedition to Salta Province, Argentina, March 2015

Sierras de Córdoba, Mar Chiquita and the Sierra de Famatina, Argentina, March 2015

Exploring and Mapping Ancient Inca Trails, March 22 - April 4, 2015

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