Board of Directors

Craig Olson, PhD, President
Craig has worked extensively in natural resource inventory and monitoring design and implementation, for state and federal agencies in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. Craig received his PhD in wildland resource science/biometrics from UC Berkeley and his MS in Forest Fire Management from the University of Washington. He recently shared his expertise as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mexico, helping with forest and fire management in a program focused on climate change and biodiversity.
Craig Olson
Marnee Chua, Vice President
Marnee Chua is the cofounder of Works Progress, a coworking space in North Seattle. She has worked with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and start-up boards for over 15 years. As the Development Director for the University of California, Merced, Marnee was the lead fundraiser for student affairs. While serving in the Philippines as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1999, Marnee co-founded the Palawan Conservation Corps, a non-profit focused on livelihood training for out-of-school youth.
Marnee Chua
Hans Smith, Treasurer
Hans first joined PBI as an intern in early 2003 and worked with us on our Sonoran Desert ecological assessment. Then he joined our staff, where he worked as a conservation scientist and project manager for nearly six years. Hans is currently a Habitat Biologist with the Yakama Nation managing salmon recovery projects in the Methow Valley. He has a Bachelor's degree from the College of Forest Resources, Univ. of Washington, and is an excellent botanist and biologist, with advanced skills in GIS, web map programming, and project management.
Hans Smith
Jan Hersey, Secretary
Jan is a citizen scientist and volunteer with PBI's work in the Salish Sea. A student of our world's interconnected web, she has studied native plants and completed the NC Master Gardeners and Washington State University Beach Watchers programs. Jan holds a BA in English from Skidmore College and has spent her career as a writer of everything from newspaper feature stories to books, videos, corporate marketing and branding materials, and natural resource and environmental education guides and signage.
Jan Hersey
Dave Stokes, PhD, Past President
Dave is an associate professor in Environmental Science at the University of Washington, Bothell. David received his PhD in zoology from the University of Washington and is an expert in conservation planning, conservation biology, wildlife movement, invasive species and human preferences in conservation. Dave is an excellent teacher and is highly respected by his numerous conservation science and planning students. Dave ensures that Pacific Biodiversity Institute uses the best available science and conservation approaches in our projects.
Dave Stokes
Aileen Jeffries, Board Member at Large
Aileen has been using acoustics to study harbor porpoises in the Salish Sea for the past 8 years. The primary location for this work is Burrows Pass and nearby waters around Fidalgo Island. She has a Master’s degree in physics and enjoyed a 40 year career as a research scientist with specialties in computer modeling and analysis. She has also taught at several colleges and universities. She is on the Puget Sound Partnership, Puget Sound Ecological Monitoring Program, Marine Mammal sub-committee. Currently, she is exploring ways to use acoustic monitoring to help establish population baselines for marine mammals.
Dan Stroh, Board Member At Large
Dan is a professional land use planner with expertise in comprehensive planning and growth management, and is currently the Planning Director for the City of Bellevue. He has a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has a special interest in conservation of wildlife habitat at the urban/rural interface. Dan has been active in Washington city planning since before passage of the state Growth Management Act, and co-authored one of the state’s first concurrency ordinances under GMA.
Dan Stroh
Paul Brookshire, Board Member At Large
Paul is a sales and marketing manager for Latin America for the Brunswick Corporation. He has a BA in Economics from Univ. Texas at Austin and Masters in International Business from the American Graduate School of International Management.
Paul Brookshire
D. Eric Harlow, Board Member At Large
Eric joined a two-week PBI expedition to Argentina in 2013, and in 2015 he returned as a PBI volunteer for three months, where he joined several biodiversity expeditions and an international Flamingo Census with PBI’s Argentinian biologist, Lucila Castro. Although Eric’s background is in geology and hydrology, he has worked extensively on Spotted Owl conservation, and is a Master Birder. He now works as a consultant on environmental impact assessments, and recently traveled to Timor Leste to work on the environmental compliance, climate change adaptation, and risk reduction aspects of a USAID project.
Eric Harlow
Peter Morrison, Founding Director
Peter has worked for over 30 years in conservation science, and has received numerous awards for his work. He has conducted ecological assessments, vegetation mapping, botanical surveys, landscape analysis and conservation planning. Peter has a Masters of Forest Ecology from the Univ. of Washington and worked for Sierra Biodiversity Institute, the Wilderness Society, the US Forest Service, Oregon State Univ., the Sierra Club and as a consultant to government agencies and conservation organizations. His efforts have aided the protection of several million acres of critical habitat in the western hemisphere.
Peter Morrison

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